FCC Radio Intelligence Division

From its inception on July 1, 1940 until the end of World War II, the Radio Intelligence Division (RID) of the Federal Communications Commission intercepted hundreds of coded messages sent by German espionage agents all over the world and supplied the cryptographic laboratories of our government with these messages at their specific request.

In performing its patrol of the ether, RID located Nazi agents with their transmitters in the western Hemisphere, Africa, Europe and Asia.  It sent trained radio intelligence engineers to Latin American Republics to help clean out the infestation of German spies in those countries and trained representatives of those countries in radio intelligence techniques at its facility in Laurel, Maryland. 

RID located distressed aircraft lost in the black-out or having cockpit trouble by providing fixes to their radio signals and got them back on course to safe landings.

Another, rather unknown “first” for the RID was the fact that the movie produced about the RID called “Patrolling the Ether” was the first movie to be broadcast on television, March 10, 1944.

19500彩票专业版George Sterling and Charlie Ellis
George Sterling and Charlie Ellis

A reminder of the very beginning days of RID shows George Sterling and Charlie Elllert standing in the Bunch Bowl area of Hawaii where they set up a critical Radio Direction Finding facility.

19500彩票专业版The first RID Team pictured in Hawaii.
The first RID Team pictured in Hawaii.

The first Radio Intelligence Division Team in Hawaii where they were tasked to set up a Radio Direction Finding facility at Waipahu to be able to listen to enemy radio transmissions.

19500彩票专业版Adcock DF
Adcock DF
19500彩票专业版Early DF Car
Early DF Car
19500彩票专业版Early Fixed DF
Early Fixed DF
19500彩票专业版Early RID Enforcement Team
Early RID Enforcement Team
19500彩票专业版Early RID Enforcement Team
Early RID Enforcement Team
19500彩票专业版Wollenweber DF
Wollenweber DF

Historical Documents:

this content was previously posted at fccrid.org, but is no longer available. It has been posted here as a historical resource.


The FEIT Electric Outdoor Smart WiFi Dual Outlet Wall Plug bearing FCC ID SYW-PLUGWIFIWP is not a properly FCC registered device as of 2019-12-26. The grantee code SYW belongs to Feit Electric 19500彩票网. Other registrations exist for Feit smart plug and light devices, however, no registration exists for an outdoor plug.
Model Number: SMART_PLUG-OUD Menards® SKU: 3580117

19500彩票专业版Label for the device, including invalid FCC ID
Label for the device, including invalid FCC ID

We have reached out to Feit for comment/update on the validity of this FCC ID and have not yet received a response.


A WiFi-USB adapter is being sold on AliExpress with claimed FCC certification.


FCC ID ANTXABGN, as of 2019-12-09 is not a valid identifier. The grantee code, ANT, is registered under QINGBANG ELECTRON (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. – a producer of Sapphire Nettop devices. It is unlikely this manufacturer is affiliated with the unlicensed WTXUP / Ralink devices.

The title for the uncertified AliExpress listing was: Ralink RT5572 300Mbps Dual Band WiFi USB Adapter Wireless Wi Fi Receiver Wi-Fi Dongle PCB WiFi Antenna for Windows 7/8/10/Linux

Grovee Smart LED Bulb FCC ID Registration [2AQA6-H6001, 2AQA6-H6014,2AQA6-H6018, 2AQA6-H6089]

As of 2019-11-26, several Grovee LED Bulbs appear to be missing their FCC ID registration despite active sales on Amazon. All displayed FCC IDs have a grantee code for Shenzhen Intellirocks Tech. Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of several other LED smart bulb systems and IoT devices.

The bulbs indicate they are WiFi connected. It’s unclear if the remote included with some packs is an infrared-device or a wireless device requiring a separate registration.

19500彩票专业版FCC ID 2AQA6-H6014
FCC ID 2AQA6-H6014 Amazon   


19500彩票专业版FCC ID 2AQA6-H6001
FCC ID 2AQA6-H6001  


19500彩票专业版FCC ID
FCC ID 2AQA6-H6018 . 
19500彩票专业版FCC ID 2AQA6-H6089
FCC ID 2AQA6-H6089  


FCC ID PL3-100B, Improper Frequency Transmission

According to reddit user, , FCC ID PL3-100B “Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell” operates on a frequency of 315 MHz rather than the FCC ID authorized 433.92 MHz.
The schematics indicate CS5211DGO as the transmission chip, as well as the Circuit Description confirming 433.92 MHz operation.
Assuming the device tested is genuine, it’s likely Pebble Smart altered their designs after FCC ID certification to use 315 MHz for power, cost, or range improvements. This magnitude of a change would require re-certification of the device with the FCC.


Update: As of 2019-01-30, FCC ID 2AAR8AILUNCEHD1 is valid.

Originally Published Oct 31, 2018 

The DMR Digital Transceiver manufactured by Ailunce and sold under model number HD1 does not appear to have a valid FCC ID.
The FCC ID listed on the labeling is indicated as 2AAR8AILUNCEHD1, but no corresponding registration for that FCC ID exists.
The grantee code 2AAR8 is a valid code for “HENAN ESHOW ELECTRONIC COMMERCE CO., LTD”, a manufacturer of 2-way radio equipment, but it appears no FCC IDs have been issued to that company for this specific equipment.

19500彩票专业版Ailunce DMR Digital Transceiver HD1 Labeling
Ailunce DMR Digital Transceiver HD1 Labeling

Per the labeling, this device operates in 2 frequency ranges, 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz. The device is also labeled Shenzhen Retevis Technology Co., Ltd

FCC ID BCG-E2186A [Apple i19500彩票专业版Phone 6S A1633]

FCC ID BCG-E2186A is not a valid FCC ID, however, as FCC ID model codes and IC ID model codes tend to correspond, and the FCC code E2186A is listed alongside the Industry Canada code 579C-E2946A, the proper FCC ID for this device is likely BCG-E2946A.

Model Number: A1633
IC ID: 579C-E2946A
FCC ID: BCG-E2186A [BCG-E2946A]